Chapters: Kobo Now $129

Chapters: Kobo Now $129


Check out the Kobo eReader at Chapters. Originally $149 we saw it dip down to $139 a month ago. Now the Kobo eReader will only cost you $129, and comes with free shipping. My guess is they are trying to price the Kobo just a little lower than the Kindle as an incentive to individuals looking for an eReader.

I like the Pearlized Lilac. Purple is certainly one of my favoured colours. I have the first gen. in white and then gave it a skin from Gelaskins to give it some umph. It is great for long trips. I think I will be bringing both it and my iPad to New Zealand in June. The hubby can read books on one, and I on the other. What else do you do on a 17 hour flight?

Sale on till 9th, May 2011.


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