Chapters Indigo: Neon T-Shirt Graffiti Markers Were $10 | Now $5 & Free Shipping

Chapters Indigo: Neon T-Shirt Graffiti Markers Were $10 | Now $5 & Free Shipping


Today is the last day for free shipping at Chapters Indigo so I will be taking some time to find some great last minute deals that fall under Chapter's free shipping minimum. This set of Neon T-Shirt Graffiti Markers is on sale from $9.95 down to just $5.

This pack comes with eight quality permanent fabric markers in neon UV inks. They are fantastic for letting kids design their own t-shirts, ball caps, and other clothing made out of cotton. Merely buy a plain t-shirt and let your child draw whatever they like on it. You then set the colour through one of two ways: 1) let the ink air-cure for 24 hours or 2) fix the ink instantly with heat from an iron.

After you have set the colours, the shirt can then be washed without the ink coming out. This is a super cool idea for a child's arts and crafts project. You can get plain t-shirts quite cheap at places like Joe Fresh.

I am not sure about you, but i think this is a cool idea. Children love arts and crafts project but paper, pencils, glue, and glitter can get a bit redundant after a while. Working on fabric is a totally different thing and provides a large canvas for your child. They can also learn to consider placement because they will also get to wear the shirt. Do they want a big dinosaur in the front? A plane on the back or on the side? How about drawing and colouring in your own bat symbol from Batman? Your child takes control of their own wardrobe with this funky marker set. The colours are bold and beautiful.

The set does not come with a t-shirt; you will have to provide one of your own. This is also a great way to remodel older shirts that your children have lost interest in. Use them for art projects. You can even turn old t-shirts into pillow cases featuring your child's art.

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