Chapters Indigo Canada: Pharrell's Happy Book For Kids Was $24 | Now $14.39

Chapters Indigo Canada: Pharrell's Happy Book For Kids Was $24 | Now $14.39


I found a very cool deal this morning at Chapters Indigo. Pharrell Williams has put out a children's book called Happy. My kids absolutely love that song and yell at me to turn it up whenever it is on the radio. I know they would love a book about Happy, so I am definitely ordering this one and taking it out when things are a little stressful at home for an uplift. The price at Chapters Indigo is the lowest there is and this is a pre-order for when the book comes out on October 6th. The list price for this hardcover book is $23.99, but today Chapters Indigo has it on for $14.39.

Almost always when I see books on sale at Chapters Indigo, Amazon already has the price set at the sale price. Not this time.They've actually got the regular price at $23.99 and are selling it for $21.35.

My oldest son loves books and collects the ones he loves the most. This will be a keeper for his collection. I'm sure his younger brothers will fight him for it since it is mainly a picture book, so they can sit and look at it too. I wish I could see the inside of the book, but the cover looks fun!

There are a a ton of articles out about the release of this book, and this one from People sums up why Pharrell did the book:

My hope is that this book inspires a child's imagination and creativity and that it teaches the importance of being happy and true to yourself.

What a great message!

I also read in a Rolling Stone article that this will be the first of four books.

Because shipping is free on $25, you'll want to see what else is on sale to ensure you don't pay shipping costs. Until the end of hte month, they've got buy two, get one free on some very popular books that are also on sale, which could be a very sweet deal that can stock your shelves. Or just take a look at the great reads under $10.


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