Chapters Indigo Canada: Monogram Travel Mugs Only $9

Chapters Indigo Canada: Monogram Travel Mugs Only $9


For a wonderful and very inexpensive Mother's Day gift, check out these monogram mugs from Chapters Indigo. They are now only $9, and were $12.

If you have a mom who has it all, or gets it if she wants it like mine, you may be scratching your head around what to get her for Mother's Day. I think Mother's Day is a holiday where you the range of spending is quite large - from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. It all depends on how much guilt you feel. Just kidding. Basically, it should depend on your budget. Some years I really have no money for gifts and need to spend very few dollars, some years I have a little windfall and try to get something nicer. Also, if your mom has been very special to you that year, or you are away from her, show her you appreciate her.

I like the idea of these mugs because they are practical and pretty. They are also special because they have the initial on them so she knows you choose it just for her. This mug could also be part of a larger gift, like a gift basket with teas or coffees and treats. It also makes a great gift from the kids to Grandma.

Chapters ships for free when you spend over $25, so why not pick up one for yourself and your mother-in-law as well?

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