Chapters Indigo Canada: $20 Off BEM Wireless Speakers - Now $49.95

Chapters Indigo Canada: $20 Off BEM Wireless Speakers - Now $49.95


Chapters Indigo Canada is selling these beautiful little cube BEM Wireless Mobile Speakers for $20 off their regular price. Originally $69.95, they are now on sale for $49.95.

This little square speaker comes in three colour choices: red, white, or purple. It is a tiny little speaker measuring only 2.5" cubed so it takes up less room than a tennis ball and offers tunes wherever life takes you. It connects via Bluetooth to your phone, tablet, other device of miscellaneous origin. The cube also accepts some basic commands as it has a volume up and down button built in and a play/pause button in case you need to suddenly stop the music.

I checked out PCMag which is pretty known for reviewing electronics and they gave the BEM Wireless Speaker a 4/5 rating with the following comments:

Pros: Very portable design. Rich, full audio at moderate-to-very-loud volume levels. Includes actual AC adapter rather than just USB charging cable (a rarity in budget speaker options).
Cons: Distorts at maximum volume levels.
Bottom Line: The Bem Wireless Mobile Speaker packs more powerful audio into its tiny frame than some speakers twice the size.

That review is at the original price point so at this lower price point this speaker is pretty awesome.

You will get free shipping on this because it costs over $25.

(Expiry: 31st March 2014)


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