Chapters Indigo Canada: 2 for $10 Illustrated Biographies

Chapters Indigo Canada: 2 for $10 Illustrated Biographies


Chapters Indigo has a great sale on right that will save you on some reading material.  Get any two illustrated biographies for just $10.

There are 72 different titles to choose from and all of them are illustrated to help kids learn about famous people.

The regular price of these books are between $5.99 each to $6.99 each.  Depending on which ones you choose for this deal, you will be getting between $1.98 off to $3.98 off for every 2 books purchased. Not a bad deal at all.

You will see biographies on people still living such as Michelle Obama and Bill Gates, to important people from the past like Albert Einstein and Anne Oakley.

My boys are obsessed with Disney movies so they would love to learn about Walt Disney through this Who Was Walt Disney?book. I am a huge Elvis fan so I would also get this Who Was Elvis Presley? book.

They even have a Who Is Dolly Parton? book!  Now this one you most likely would need for an actual school project but the country singer lovers out there would be a fan maybe!

If you want to add some of these to an Easter basket, you can get next day delivery.

You will get free shipping when your order reaches $25 or more at the checkout.

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