Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Gelaskins for Kobo

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Gelaskins for Kobo


So I love Gelaskins, I just got one for my laptop not too long ago, first ever, and now I want one for every device there is in existence. I have got several compliments on my Gelaskin so far.. and it has been on less than a week. I got mine directly from Gelaskins, but Chapters Indigo also carries a small selection of Gelaskins for the Kobo eReader. They have all their skins at a wonderful 50% off.

The biggest discount I have seen actually on Gelaskins is 20% so far, so this is a great price. Also if you are shopping for other stuff you get that free shipping at $25. Usually these Gelaskins are $19.95 but now they are only $9.98 (50% off). I think they are great because they are so thin yet they protect your device from all the grit and grime that scratches the heck out of it's pretty surface. You can also peel them off and they don't leave any sticky residue.

I really wish they had done this before I placed my Chapters order 2 days ago. I would have bought either Bloom or Black Fleur for my Kobo.


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