Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Fall's Most Anticipated Books

Chapters Indigo: 50% Off Fall's Most Anticipated Books


Pre-order Fall's most anticipated books and get 50% off the regular price at Chapters Indigo this week.

Fall seems like centuries away but it really isn't. Our ultra-short Canadian summers fly by and really, there are only four months until the kids are back to school. Really. So, pre-ordering these hot books for Fall really want cause you a long and drawn-out wait. You can wait and order them when they come out, still get them at the same time, and pay full price, or you can order now, get 50% off and have a nice surprise in the mail when you forgot you ordered them.

I took a look at the list and am very interested in reading a few of these. In fact, I am so looking forward to Underwater Puppies because I love amazing photography, and of course have a soft spot for puppies. My dog loves to swim and while I take a number of photos of her, I would never know how to do it under the water like this talented photographer. This book will list for $21, but you'll get it for $9.98.

I am whole-heartedly looking forward to Prince Lestat, also known as the sexiest vampire of all time. Anne Rice is one of the most amazing authors out there, and I've read a number of her books, including ones written under a different name and find them highly erotic and worth reading. Don't miss this one. It will list at $34, but order it now for release at the end of October and get it for only $16.15.

Since these books will ship at different times, I'm not sure how that will work with the shipping charges. Generally, shipping costs are waived if you spend over $25.

(Expiry: 9th May 2014)


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