Chapters Indigo: 5 Days of Toy Deals

Chapters Indigo: 5 Days of Toy Deals


I actually missed day 1, so we are on day 2 of Chapters' 5 Days of Toy Deals! For each of these days you can get a discount of some sweet toys by different brands.

I have heard of these toys before, primarily the Dirty Dishes set, I remember reading a review about them a few months ago. I like Fishing in The Tub!

  • Wednesday's Deal: 30% off Playmobil
  • Thursday's Deal: 25% off Barbie
  • Friday's Deal: 25% off Lego

You can check out each of the deals each day at this link. Their 'view all' link wasn't working for me so I just typed the brand of the toy into the search box. This could be a great time to do some kiddy Christmas shopping!

So, for you guys who only read our email, click the link in the sentence above to check out Wednesday's deal when you get this!


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  • Tash
    I got the Dirty Dishes and ended up returning them. The water has to be stupidly hot for the dirt to disappear - so the concept was lost on us.
    • Avigayil
      Thats too bad. I am guessing the Laundry one based on the same concept would have similar problems. One would hope they fix that problem in the future.
    • andrea
      Just came to post the same as Tash. My boys received a set for their "play kitchen". Turns out we needed to use really HOT water to get the dishes "clean". Chapters was really good about the in-store return.
      • andrea
        Oh, I sould mention my boys refer to our bathtub as the "play kitchen", cause it cleans up all their messes!!
        • Avigayil
          I like bathtub play.I think it helps kids get use to water, I know too many who hate water (my hubby doesn't water that much). It Also can be pre-training for swimming. :-) Water-babies!
      • Bluenoser
        Thanks Bargainmoose! I used my kijiji certificate from last week to get a great deal on Playmobil today.