Chapters Canada: Up To $40 Off Fine Writing Instruments

Chapters Canada: Up To $40 Off Fine Writing Instruments


Get up to $40 off fine writing instruments at Chapters. These make very nice gifts too!

I remember being in grade 5 and practicing my penmanship for hours so I could be rewarded with a coveted pen instead of the crappy pencil I had to use. The day I finally did it is actually burned into my memory, which means I must have found it pretty special. Unfortunately, they don't teach penmanship in schools anymore and in fact, when the grade 1 teacher told me my son's writing was in other words, awful, I asked if it really mattered anymore. But, while it isn't really part of the curriculum anymore, I think writing is an important skill that we shouldn't lose. There is just a mystique behind hand-writing a letter or writing in a journal. Just as I love to have a beautiful glass for my red wine, I love having a beautiful pen for writing. I'm sure I'm not alone.

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