Chapters Canada: Kobo Touch Now $99

Chapters Canada: Kobo Touch Now $99

Chapters Canada has dropped the price for the Kobo Touch to just $99! Pick one up for yourself, or perhaps for a special Dad on Father's Day.

The Kobo Touch is Wired Magazine #1 Editor's Pick! They really have upgraded this from the original, it is smaller, lighter, faster than the original Kobo eReader. Infrared Touch Screen lets you turn pages, bookmark locations, adjust font size and type, and search for favorite books with the swipe of a finger! That is pretty darn good. I think many Fathers would love to receive this for Father's Day. I'm not sure about my Father, but I know my Mother would confiscate it really quickly. :D

You can choose between lilac, blue, black, silver or white for colours. With the quilted back it is very comfortable to hold and read. It is extremely light weight.

You also receive free shipping.


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