Chapters Canada: 25% Off Playmobil! (EXPIRED)

Chapters Canada: 25% Off Playmobil! (EXPIRED)


Last week I blogged a hot deal on Playmobil at Toys R Us. In that post I told you that it isn't very often that Playmobil goes on sale for more than 20% off. At that time, there were select deals at a good discount. Chapters Indigo has shut me up and now has 25% ALL of their Playmobil sets!

Where you are going to get your best value during this sale is on the larger sets. Buying the sets last week using the $10 off coupon at Toys R Us, you were best to get the ones that were around the $50 off mark. With the larger sets at Chapters Indigo, you'll save about $30. Or, if you only wanted one smaller set, Chapters Indigo has a lower shipping threshold of $25 and you'll still get that 25% off. At Toys R Us, you'd have to spend $50 to get the free shipping and the $10 off.

I think my kids would completely love some of the newer sets like the Summer Fun series. The City Life series is also fantastic and I love that it is truly a unisex set. While I have three boys who have no problem playing with dolls, I do find as my boys get older they shun the dolls and go for the spy, police and any other type of shooting set. With something like the Modern Luxury Mansion, it isn't boy or girl so it keeps it value and gets played with no matter the age. Regularly $129.95, it is on sale for $97.46. Checking around, it sells for $139.99 at Mastermind Toys and Toys R Us didn't even carry this particular set.

I love to buy Playmobil for stocking stuffers and they are also a fun addition to a birthday party gift or in a loot bag. This Playmobil Knights castle ghost with rainbow LEDis super cool. Regularly $11.95, it is now $8.96.

If you've got a cottage or a pool, this Pirates ship with RC underwater motor would be so much to play with. While you might not want to take an expensive toy like this in the water, these toys are meant for playing with! We have a number of Playmobil boats and dragons and more sitting in our tub and they look no worse for wear. Regularly $109.95, now $77.

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(Expiry: 22nd July 2015)


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