Chapters Canada: 20% Off Lamaze Toys

Chapters Canada: 20% Off Lamaze Toys

Get 20% off all Lamaze Toys at Chapters Canada. These toys are designed to help your child play, learn and grow.

I ran across a great toy called Mortimer the Moose Play and Grow by Lamaze. This sweet toy is only $15.96 (orig. $19.95) He has 2 reviews so far:

His belly squeaks and with all the different colors and textures our 10 month old plays with it forever~lots of hugs and kisses for him too...


This moose is hands-down the best toy our son has played with! He is now 7 months old and is still interested in it. It has helped him to develop motor skills, awareness of sound, etc. "Moosie' (as we call him) was recommended to us by other parents of a young child and we're glad we took their advice! If you are wondering whether this toy is worth it for the price - don't hesitate...your child will love it!

Don't forget to use the $5 off coupon code OLNOV11 mentioned previously!

Offer ends 25th, November 2011


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