Chapters Canada: $139 Kobo Bundle With $10 eGift Card

Chapters Canada: $139 Kobo Bundle With $10 eGift Card

Now at Chapters, get a Kobo Touch eReader and a $10 egift card for only $139! This offer is valid until 18th September, 2011.

To redeem your $10 Kobo eGift card credit, you must activate your Kobo eReader Touch Edition device before September 18th, 2011. You will instantly receive an email with the $10 egift card.

The touch screen and the built in Wi-Fi are the best features! One Kobo reviewer says,

As a returning Kobo owner, this edition is smaller, lighter and significantly faster at turning the pages than the old one was. Coupled with a great battery life, this one makes a great travel or commuting companion for anyone. Hard to beat at the price they are selling for.

Don't forget you can save another $5 off  with the coupon code from here until 31st August, 2011.


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