Carseats From $54.99 Shipped @ Toys R Us

Carseats From $54.99 Shipped @ Toys R Us

Need a spare carseat for grandma's house or your second vehicle? Toys R Us has some great sales this week and a bonus promo code can get your little one riding safely for as low as $55.

Use promo code MARWBR1 or APRWBR at checkout to get $25 off baby products of $50 or more. I had success with promo code MARWBR1 but you may want to try both codes. Bonus - shipping is free.

The Evenflo Sonus is on sale for $79.99. With promo code MARWBR1or APRWBR, you will get an extra $25 off for a total price of $54.99. It is available in lava red, boomerang green and indigo.

If you want another great option, the Evenflo SureRide is $99.99. With the discount code, you can get it for $74.99 shipped. You can grab it in several different colors to suit any toddler's strong color preferences.

Hey kiddo. There are no excuses now. To grandmother's house you go.


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  • Jessie B.

    Both promo codes doesn't work

    • Christie G.

      This doesnt work... :( would of been a great deal

      • BabyS17

        I can't get either promo code to work :(

        • Jason K.

          Thanks but we need a certain one that will fit with Lynda's stroller

          • KaylaS

            Please stop listing that APRWBR code when it does not work. This has been mentioned in numerous other TOYS R US deal posts in recent days. Unless you can show us how it works. As I understand it, that code was not endorsed by or given out by Toys R Us and if it did work, only did so around April 5th.

            • Bargainmoose

              We were able to use the code on both carseats on Friday but it seems these promo codes work on some items and not others.

              • Fatima A.

                They discontinued it because it was sent out to everyone.

              • Fatima A.

                Apparently it is only for customers with a baby registry. Once you complete a baby registry they send you a promo code.