Canvas Pop: Free Photo Canvas With Coupon Code - Just Pay Shipping!

Canvas Pop: Free Photo Canvas With Coupon Code - Just Pay Shipping!


I found a very interesting deal this morning, and while it isn't free, it is definitely a hot deal! Canvas Pop released a coupon code for $50 off any order on photo prints on their site. Well, I tried the coupon and it seems to take off more than just the $50 on certain canvases. Some canvases cost just shy of $50, which means you get them free and just have to pay the shipping. The only sucky part is that the shipping is $18.42. But, pricing canvases on the web, some of these end up being a way better deal than anything out there. This means you can get some of the smaller sizes for less than $20!

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  • Coupon Code: CPQNA2
  • Discount: $50 USD off ($65.78 CDN)
  • Expiry: 21st August 2015

The first thing to know is that Canvas Pop's regular price is higher than other canvas sites out there. So, while a $50 off coupon code sounds amazing, it almost just brings some of the canvases down to competitive prices. They seem to base their prices on that they have a ton of coupons. But, with some canvases using this coupon brings you a hot deal.

Start by uploading your photo from your computer or social media under photo prints. If you select 8x10, the regular price is $39.47, but this is for a rolled print. If you wanted it mounted, it is another $25 minimum. Choose whatever border you'd like, including wrapped or black or white for no extra charge. You can add effects for a charge, but I say do those in a photo editing program first and save your money!

Your total for this wrapped 8 x 10 canvas will come to $64.47. Adding the coupon code above brought my total to $0. What I think is happening is that it is a U.S. based coupon, even though this store ships from Canada, so we are getting the equivalent of $50 USD off.


Standard shipping is $18.42, which will be your total for this canvas. And 8 x 10 canvas at a store like Canvas n' Decorruns for about $36.99 plus free shipping. Snapfish sells their for $59, but they have a buy one, get one free deal going on right now with coupon code, bringing that to about $30 a canvas, but there is extra shipping.

You'll want to play around with the sizes to see what is the best deal for you and compare it to those other sites I mentioned to make sure the pricing is actually competitive. Some might not be as hot of a deal. For example, the 12 x 12 canvas with a border comes to $19.74 plus the shipping of $18.42, making it almost $40. At Canvas n' Decor, they don't have a 12 x 12 size, but a larger 12 x 16 is only $45 with free shipping.

Similarly, if you don't want the canvas mounted, you can probably find a good deal on a larger size. Let me know what sort of deal you get!


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  • Nina M.
    Didn't work on instagram photo canvas. Only took around $15 off