Canon Powershot A480 For $79.99 @ Canon

Canon Powershot A480 For $79.99 @ Canon


In the latest email newsletter from Canon Canada, I spotted a pretty decent deal on this Canon Powersot A480 digital camera. It's priced at only $79.99, and that comes with free shipping too!

The digital camera is a 10mp model, with 3.3x optical zoom, which is fairly decent. You can get a lot better nowadays, but not in this kind of price range.

On price comparing with other Canadian retailers, I couldn't find this particular model at very many stores. I did find it at Bestdirect for $140 and at Compu2000 for $150, so quite a difference!

UPDATE - I am bumping this post up because it's a great deal, and Canon have now added the red and blue models for the same price!


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  • karenc
    please note, it's only the silver one that is listed at that price. :)
    • maya m.
      i love your website. I log into it 3 times a day to see what's new and on sale and tell all my friends about it. Plus if the website is listed on your site, i know it's a trusted site. Thank you!
      • Chris
        Awesome, thanks for that, just picked up one in blue (they do red & silver also)
        • Anna
          Oh cool! Since I posted this deal, they added the different colours too :)
        • JJ
          Can't find it on Canon's site anywhere. :(
          • Anna
            Aww! They're all been sold out since I bumped this up. Deal expired :)