Canon Canada: Calculator Was $6 | Now $2 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)

Canon Canada: Calculator Was $6 | Now $2 & Free Shipping (EXPIRED)


We are gearing up for back to school deals on all your stationery and more needs. I found this sweet little colourful and compact LS-88V Canon Calculator on sale from $5.99 down to $1.99. A calculator for under $2? I am sold. All orders at Canon come with free shipping no minimum currently.

This calculator comes in ocean blue for an attractive appearance and is completely functional with all your basic buttons. The keys on the calculator are colour and shape coded. Three memory keys are in green and are oval shaped. A couple other buttons - one is your on/clear button - are coded in yellow. While the calculator has your standard 0 - 9 digits and plus, minus, divide, and times buttons, it also comes with square root and percentage keys. The camera features a standard LCD display for displaying calculations.

This calculator combines solar power (through mini panels) and a battery to ensure you have power no matter what the conditions: daylight or dim light. The calculator comes with an ‘Auto power off’ function in order to save battery life.

Essentially, this is a great little calculator for school or for the home office. While I am aware that computers (and tablets / smart phones) come equipped with calculators these days... I find it much faster to use a physical calculator instead of a digital one. Also, in school and in university, professors and teachers are not so fond of students whipping out there cell phone just to do a 'calculation.'

As for a little price comparing, I simply looked at the cheapest calculators at Walmart. The cheapest I could find were $3.97 and are sold out. The next cheapest calculator had relatively the same functions and is on sale for $4. Given that Canon's price is half the price of the cheapest calculator at Walmart AND offers free shipping with no minimum, I figured this was a pretty hot little deal.

If you need a calculator with more functions, you should check out these CanonLS-123T calculators on sale from $14.99 down to $7.99 currently. I have seen them for about 50 cents cheaper before (as they are in that blog post), but this is still a good deal if you need a scientific calculator.

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