Candied: Oops + Clearance Products

Candied: Oops + Clearance Products


Candied has redone their product lines, and they look fabulous. I showed pictures of the donuts, chocolates and cupcakes to my hubby and he was surprised they were all soap! They look totally fabulous. I found this great little area on Candied called Oops! It is where they put their clearance items, and anything that just didn't come out right: wrong colour seems to be a common theme! Right now their are two products in the Oops! bin.

So if you are looking for bath products for your significant other, and going to give Candied a try, make sure to check out their Oops section for further discounts. Doesn't everything in the banner look good enough to eat?


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  • Rebecca
    One of my favourite things about your website is that it introduces me to Canadian companies I would have never heard of otherwise! It would be awesome if you could label these as "Canadian Companies", or something similar, so that people can easily find all your blog entires about these companies (the same way that you've labeled Canadian Freebies" etc.)
    • Robin
      Yeah like have a Canadian FLag in the corner-or the moose to identify Cdn companies.
    • Anna
      Good idea, will take it on board for our next update :)