Canadian Freebies: Whey Gourmet Sample

Canadian Freebies: Whey Gourmet Sample


Whey Gourmet is offering a free sample of their protein shake mix, to Canadian residents only! Just visit their website and click on the Free Sample link at the bottom of the page.

I have had several protein powders in my time, and some are just horrible... taste like you are drinking chalk! However, I read some replies about this freebie on other forums and they have had good responses. One woman said her husband really likes this stuff, and another person said that it tastes like they actually try and make it taste good. That sounds promising. My favourite flavour in the past has been Chocolate (yum yum yum) but even that.. some companies can spoil! Whey Gourmet has a creamy orangesicle that looks good though.

Well, here is to seeing what Whey Gourmet can do: I ordered mine!


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  • Nads
    This stuff rocks!
    • Jody
      just ordered mine, but not thrilled with the disclaimer "we may contact you by phone to confirm your mailing address" - always leery when they ask for a phone # (but still looking forward to the sample - always wanted to try it!)
      • Tiffany D.
        This is really the best tasting protein/weight loss shake that I have EVER tried!!! Sooo delicious get your sample and with it you get a discount coupon for a full size!! Yummmmm
        • Rhonda
          When I click and the page opens, there is no 'get your free sample' link listed anywhere.
          • Anna
            I'll check with Avigayil when she awakens, but it could well have expired already Rhonda :)
            • Avigayil
              It seems they are no longer giving away the samples, sorry! We never know how long some of these freebies are going to last.
              • Rhonda
                That's ok, thanks for checking!
            • Avigayil
              I got my free sample yesterday, has anyone else gotten one yet? The flavour I got was Raspberry... which is cool.. one of my favourite fruits!