Canadian Freebies: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 App Free on iTunes

Canadian Freebies: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 App Free on iTunes

iTunes and FAAD are offering Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 12 App for iPhone, compatible with iPod Touch and iPad for FREE. This game regularly costs $4.99 (if memory serves) so you are getting a sweet game for all those golf lovers out there, for free.

Here are is one of the interesting reviews I red:

I've played just about every sports title on just about every platform, and I don't understand the relatively low ratings for this game; there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. The recent update added in-app purchases to accomodate those who didn't seem to grasp the simulation angle of the game, but you can still earn enough to progress in the game simply by playing it. This game is more of a simulation, with a heavy emphasis on a progressive career mode. If you like a more arcadey, pick-up-and-play, grip-it-and-rip-it golf experience, you may prefer another title. And if you find this game too easy, that's probably because you're playing it on the "Easy" setting. I haven't encountered any of the putting or crashing issues that others have mentioned here. As for those experiencing crashes: Just remember, you need to reboot your device after updating or installing an app.

Have fun!!


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