Canadian Freebies: Pledge MultiSurface Cleaner!

Canadian Freebies: Pledge MultiSurface Cleaner!

This is a great new coupon offer from You can get a free full-size can of Pledge multi-surface cleaner byordering this free coupon from Save.cathen redeeming it in-store. It looks like it is a new product in the Pledge range. They must be giving out these freebies to Canadians to get people to try it, and hopefully buy it in the near future.

On the little piccie on the web page, it shows a sparkly house and a sparkly clean LCD TV… I think it’s a very bad idea to use any sort of cleaning product on your TV! Don’t do it! However, they say the “anti-static formula is great for electronics.” I’ll believe it when I see it!

We’ve had some really excellent coupons for in the past, such as the free Gillette fusion razors, or the free Toblerone chocolate! All you have to do is order the coupons and they mail them out to you really fast.


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  • Alee
    Broken link. I think expired too?
    • Anna
      Thanks, yeah, most of the old posts will bexpired :)