Canadian Freebies: Pens, Pencils, Calendars & More!

Canadian Freebies: Pens, Pencils, Calendars & More! is a Canadian office supplies site, which has the added bonus of offering lots of free samples! For any product you are interested in, click the "request a sample" button under the image. If the item is less than $5 in value, you can order it for free!

The company is probably doing this promotion to let people see the quality of their products, in the hope they will order more in the future. Shipping also seems to be free for these complimentary office supplies!

For example, this North American wildlife desk calendar is only $4.79, so you should be able to get it for free.

Now, I haven't gone through with my order yet, but it seems you can add more than 1 item to your cart! You can give this a try if you want, but I wouldn't order too much or they might just cancel your order. Don't be greedy!

Let us know how you get on, in the comments below.


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  • Deanne S.
    You can add 5 free samples! I just placed an order for mine, thanks for the info!! Love your blog!
    • freebiesmiles
      Do you have to pay shipping?
      • freebie
        You're welcome. I'm the one who originally posted this on another site, you should give credit.
        • Wen'
          Hey, freebie. You're not the only person on earth who knows about this. Get a life.
        • Stephanie H.
          Has anyone received the samples yet? They just keep sending me catalogues. I've had three catalogues now, but no samples.
          • Anna
            Might be a dud then? Anyone else had any luck?
            • joy
              i haven't received anything at all yet. it has only been 2 weeks. we'll see. i never get my hopes up for these things.
              • Julie
                I just received their catalogue today, but no samples. There's a letter saying, 'Enclosed, please find the products you requested...' BUT, if that's the case, where are they?? Go figure! Maybe I'm now on the company mailing list...Oh well. I'll post again if I end up getting the samples, but I won't hold my breath. :)
                • monkey
                  No samples, just a catalogue.
                  • joy
                    I still haven't received any samples but have just received my second email from them. No catalogues either.
                    • joy
                      I finally got my sample pen! It is customized with my name and postal code on it. Just what i've always dreamed of! It does look like a nice pen though!
                      • Amina
                        yes it seems i saw this on another forum. what seems to be happening is that if you order something "big" than they think your just a freebie hunter and they send nothing but a catalog but if you order a pen you are sure to get it. i just recieved two pens today! really quick shiiping too :) try it again, and or pen :)
                        • joy
                          I just got my second free pen. They are very nice pens. Good prices too if its something that you need.