Canadian Freebies: Ocean Spray Reusable Bag

Canadian Freebies: Ocean Spray Reusable Bag


If you are like me (which you may or may not be) you live off reusable bags. I have 1 'permanently' stowed away in my purse (for when we forget to bring or make unplanned purchases), the rest make trips between the house and the car's trunk towing groceries, clothes, books, etc. We even use them to take recycling out when it gets too full for our small bin - which is almost always.


So Ocean Spray is giving away free reusable bags. Another bag to tow things around in or stick in your purse for the next time you get asked 'would you like a bag for $0.05' you can say 'no' and whip out your purse.

I think it is great that some places are charging for plastic bags now. It is nice that people are reminded of the value of the environment. Did you hear that in Fort McMurray, Alberta they have banned plastic bags? What do you think of that? If you don't know about it you can read more here.


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  • Stephanie
    Hii!! I live in fort mc!! its the greatest thing to ever hit this town. It makes so much sense and you see so many people using them even before the law went into effect!
    • H U.
      i requested a free bag quite awhile back and have not recieved it yet could you please look into it and let me know whats happening tahnk you
      • Anna
        Hi. You'll need to contact Ocean Spray themselves, we just wrote about the offer :)