Canadian Freebies: John Frieda Root Awakening Sample

Canadian Freebies: John Frieda Root Awakening Sample

John Frieda has a nice trio for a freebie, the Root Awakening Collection. This set includes: Root Awakening® Shampoo, Conditioner (8.3mL) and Smoothing Lotion (4.4mL). I have never tried John Frieda products before but this offer has been getting some really nice press on other websites and people have good things to say about it so far!  JohnFrieda

The form was simple, and you do not need to give your phone number (no * besides the phone number box) which I prefer with offers. You do, however, need to be 18 to take advantage of the offer.

I love free samples! Even if I don't use them, I donate them to community agencies for their clients. With the economy the way it is the homeless population has increased (at least in our city) and anything to help is always welcome. Little toiletry samples like this fit well in backpacks and make for easy transportation.

I am also one of those 'evil' people who confiscate the toiletries from hotels, and then donate them to community agencies as well. There seems to be some controversy over whether that is proper if you haven't opened the little shampoo or soap bar. What says you?

It says to allow 6 - 8 weeks for delivery.


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  • Elaine
    I will be interested to try this sample.
    • Danelle
      Regarding the donating of unused toiltries from hotels; both my fiance and I are both pilots, so we travel alot and stay in hotels. We always carry our own products and always "confiscate" all of the unsed toiltries and bring them home to donate to the women's shelter. I think the hotels can spare them, and if it helps someone out (re:feel good bc they are clean!!) it is well worth it!! lol even if it means I am on of those "evil" people as well!
      • Lorilee
        Woot! Nothing better than free samples!!
        • Kay W.
          No......I don't agree with taking unopened hotel bottles and try not to use them. I think small packages of anything is a terrible waste of the environment. If you want to help out the women's shelter, spend two bucks and buy a big bottle of shampoo next time you're in a discount store. People need more than the three shampoos provided in those small bottles anyway. While I'm at it, don't pack BIG bottles when you travel, either, as that is a waste of the environment as well. If you think the hotel can afford them, who do you think is ultimately paying for them?
          • Sandy
            thanks...another great sample. I always keep these for when I am traveling on weekends. saves bringing the big bottles in my weekend bag.