Canadian Freebie: Sin-Free Sugar

Canadian Freebie: Sin-Free Sugar


Have we got a sweet freebie for you! Get a free sample of Sin-Free Sugar mailed to you at no cost!

Sin-Free Sugar contains no calories, no fructose or other artificial ingredients, and is diabetic friendly. It is also fantastic for anyone who is watching their sugar intake which isn't diabetic.

I like to do sugar substitutes in most of my baking that I can get away with because I am trying to cut down on the calories and also on too heavily processed foods. White sugar (and let's face it, white flour) are really heavily processed and account for a lot of the calories in a recipe with hardly any nutritional value. So I tend to do sugar substitutes and am excited to try this one out.

I highly doubt the sample packs are large enough for me to try in baking, but I will be able to try it out in my tea to see the flavour. I certainly know that not all sweeteners are created equal: some have a real chemical taste to them and others taste just fine. It looks like you get three 5g packages of the sugar. That actually might be enough for me to try out in a pizza crust.

I just ordered mine, place your order soon!

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