Canadian Freebie: Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector’s Edition iPhone/iPad Game (Worth $8)!

Canadian Freebie: Nevertales: The Beauty Within Collector’s Edition iPhone/iPad Game (Worth $8)!


From time to time, the casual games provider Big Fish Games discounts one of their games to zero, enabling you to download and install it completely for free. That’s exactly what they’re doing this week with one of their games – it’s called Nevertales: The Beauty Within. It’s the full version of the game (the collector’s edition) and it is worth about $8!

You can download the game for either iPad or iPhone here at the app store:

The game is best summed up with this blurb:

When a mysterious stranger leaves a baby on your doorstep, you are drawn into a mystery that beckons you into a mansion full of magical creatures and portals to other worlds.

It’s a hidden object type of game, a mystery that you have to solve.

And here’s the YouTube video which shows you a little bit more about the game:

I’ve been playing this game for a few days now, it states that I’ve put in an hour and a half of game play. It’s the kind of game that I pick up and play when I have my cup of tea in the morning, or when I just need a break from work. It’s a tiny little escape for my brain, and I actually really enjoy this type of game. :)

Are you going to download it?

(Expires: 2nd September 2015)


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  • Julie
    I downloaded it and once i beat the first part it said i could only continue once i downloaded another similar game which took a huge chunk of my memory on my phone and wouldnt finish downloading, so I could never finish the other game :(
    • Anna W.
      Hi Julie... that doesn't sound right! I've been playing the game for about 3 hours total now, and it doesn't force you to download any other game. There is a popup ad which appears once every now and again, perhaps you clicked on an ad?