Canadian Freebie: Get a Sample of Camino Ginger Chocolate @ Ethical Deal

Canadian Freebie: Get a Sample of Camino Ginger Chocolate @ Ethical Deal


Free chocolate? I'm in! Try Camino's Ginger Chocolate Bar for free when you sign up at

Finally, my love of free things and my love of chocolate have come together. Right now you can get a free sample of Camino's ginger chocolate bar just by signing up and agreeing to review the product after you try it.

You'll get a full-sized chocolate bar, not just a little sample. So it's worth the few minutes it will take to tell them whether you liked it or not. And I have a feeling I'm going to like it. It's a 65% cacao dark chocolate bar infused with real ginger and it's certified organic, fair trade, kosher, and gluten-free. That sounds like a whole lot of goodness crammed into one yummy package.

When you sign up you'll need to provide basic information like your name and address so they can get your chocolate to you. You'll also have to answer a couple of basic questions about your shopping habits. It's pretty quick and easy. Especially since the same chocolate bar sells for $4.99 at! That's a pretty decent saving for a freebie. And after sneaking so many lower-quality chocolates from my son's Easter stash, it'll be a real treat to enjoy some "good" chocolate for a change.

Once you sign up, you can expect your free sample to arrive within 1-2 weeks. Enjoy!


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  • Avigayil M.
    Fantastic. LOVE this offer.. totally signed myself up for it.
    • Tiggrr
      all you had to say was chocolate & free and I am in :)