Canadian Freebie: Free Book of Braids ($50 Value) @ Kerastase

Canadian Freebie: Free Book of Braids ($50 Value) @ Kerastase


Braids and intricate hairstyles are all the rage right now and there are no shortages of guides on Pinterest but if you have been looking for a comprehensive guide to braids, then make sure to sign up to Kerastase's newsletter right now to get a free PDF copy of their Book of Braids.

Kerastase's Book of Braids has a $50 value and it's only available for free for a limited time.

Very fittingly, the very first braid style is the "Sunday double braid pony". You will find it on the tenth page of the eBook and the best part about it is that it looks like it could be used on shoulder-length hair as well, even though a longer hair style is featured on their picture. It basically consists of two braids on each side that combine to create a low ponytail.

Other styles include but are not limited to: the "not-a-bad-hair day side fishtail", the "double headband", the "tight but not uptight double headband", the "French braid" and a couple of others.

I have to admit that I have attempted the fish tail on a variety of occasions but this one definitely is best for longer hair and some styling products should be used to prevent all the strands from falling out.

There's no denying the fact that this freebie is of course a marketing ploy on Kerastase's behalf because not only are they hooking potentially shoppers by having them sign up to the newsletter, but the eBook is also loaded with pictures of their products and tips on which ones to use for the specific hair styles, which to be clear, you don't necessarily need in order to achieve the same looks at home.

If you would like to give their products a chance, then make sure to use the Kerastase coupon codeMIRACLE to get a free free shipping on any order with no required minimum purchase.

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