Canadian Affair: Great Deals On Flights To The U.K. & Ireland

Canadian Affair: Great Deals On Flights To The U.K. & Ireland

If you are looking for a flight to the U.K. or Ireland anytime soon,  you need to check out Canadian Affair. They have the best prices for flights from Canada to both of those countries.

I went to England about ten years ago and it was an amazing trip and I would love to go back, but there is no way I can afford flights for the entire family. When I was younger my English relatives visited, including one family of four and now I wonder how anyone could afford that. The flights at Canadian Affair could actually make those dreams come true for people looking to visit abroad. They have a deals section, which changes each day, so you are best to watch this section for your particular flight needs.

For example, they have a deal on for Toronto to Dublin and back for $955, including all taxes and fees. You do have to travel their specific dates and they seem widespread, but if you have the time to spend over there, you might as well do it. Air Canada has these same dates for $1252 including fees and taxes, so you'll save $300!

I'll leave it to you to decide where you are going and when and to find the perfect deal.

What I saw that looked great about Canadian Affair is that they offer child discounts. I find it infuriating to have to pay full-price for a child's seat on an airplane.

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