Canada Computers: Only $30 For Microsoft Wireless Touch Mouse (Save $35)

Canada Computers: Only $30 For Microsoft Wireless Touch Mouse (Save $35)

Does the mouse seem kind of old and outdated? Well, that's because it is. Update your mouse with the Microsoft Wireless Touch Mouse from CanadaComputers!

Microsoft's Wireless Touch Mouse is normally $64.99, but with this deal you save $35. That means you only have to pay $29.99!

The traditional mouse is really outdated. I mean, there have been some minor changes, but nothing significant. What we've been seeing is other input methods, mainly the touch screen, taking over. Even things like Microsoft Kinect, Sony Play and the Nintendo Wii were considered new methods of input. The mouse has been left in the dust.

Since then, Microsoft (and others) have decided that no, the mouse wasn't ready to die yet. They've taken the mouse and married it to the touch screen. We've all used touchpads on laptops and as of late, traditional touchpads have been getting a bit more advanced. They've begun integrating some of the touch gestures we have become used to with our phones and tablets. That's pretty much what Microsoft's Wireless Touch Mouse is: a mouse whose top surface is a touchpad. It lets you zoom, manage apps, scroll and do other things via different gestures. Very cool.

Shipping from Canada Computers is based on where you are, so it will vary, but if you're in Toronto, for example, it's $7.50.

(Expires: 31st May 2013)


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