Calendars, Greeting Cards & Ornaments Half Off @ Shoppers Photo

Calendars, Greeting Cards & Ornaments Half Off @ Shoppers Photo

Nothing brings back cherished memories more than a personalised photo gift from Shoppers Photo. Get 50% off of all calendars, greeting cards and ornaments. This offer ends today.

Or click on one of these links to get started right away on your project:

It's easy to design your gifts and they really are gifts that are just right for everyone! If you want, you can import pics. from your Facebook and Instagram accounts and use those for the design.

Calendars start at $8.99, and go up to $13.99. You can pick a top coil design if you prefer. The greeting cards can be created in a 6-pack of 5 x 7 cards for $5.50, or you can get 48 for $28.00. You can also get a 6-pack of 3.5 x 5 cards for $5.00. As for the ornaments, they range in price from $7.50 to $8.99.

You'll be required to select the free in-store pickup option, and don't forget to load up your Shopper's Optimum offers in your Shoppers Optimum account before picking up your photos. Often times, the photos do count toward extra bonus offers such as Optimum points or other perks that they have.


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