Cake: Free Shipping On All Orders

Cake: Free Shipping On All Orders


Get free shipping on any order from Cake Beauty this week only until 17 March 2011. There is no coupon code needed, the discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

I'd love to try the Satin Sugar Refreshing Hair and Body Powder for Light Huesfor $18. Sprinkle this powder in your hair on the days you don't have time to wash, and it will absorb the excess oil in your hair. It's one of Cake's bestsellers and there's a reason. Here's what some of the reviewers on their website have said,

I actually don't know what I did before Satin Sugar!

It's not so often that a product can actually change your daily routine but this one does!

This hair powder is about the best thing I have every tried, I dust the powder in my hair on the days when I don't want to over-wash my hair, and it makes my hair light fluffy and smell great.

Well, now I've got to try it!  Have any of our BargainMoosers tried this product?


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  • Lainey
    After having my second child, this became an essential item in my bathroom cabinet. It works great, doesn't weigh down your hair and blends really well, even for black hair (I use the dark hue). And it really does smell nice.
    • Maya
      I love the Satin Sugar hair and body powder. It does work great in my hair, but I also really like to brush a little on my body before going out in the evening. I shower in the morning, so I wouldn't normally shower again before a night out, but the hair and body powder makes me feel nice and fresh and smell delightful! It's great!
      • AMac
        I purchased the Refreshing Hair and Body Powder for Dark Hues the last time Cake had free shipping (as I also had a $10 off coupon). It is okay. It smells nice, butI find it stains the scalp where your part is. Baby powder works just as well only it has to be rubbed in a bit more. I am glad I didn't pay $18 for the refreshing powder. Even $8 is a bit much considering how cheap baby powder is.
        • Kayley
          I used the dark hues version a few years ago. For me, it was great because it didn't make my hair that gray-dull colour that baby powder tends to do for dark hair. It smells great! It was an absolute must have for backpacking in Europe since it absolutely saved me from looking like a greasy mess!