Buy a $10 eGift, Get $10 Free Using Visa Checkout @ Starbucks Canada

Buy a $10 eGift, Get $10 Free Using Visa Checkout @ Starbucks Canada

Free Starbucks is liquid gold. For a limited time, when you buy a $10 Starbucks eGift using Visa Checkout, you will get an additional $10 for free.

Here is how it works. Buy Starbucks Card eGift of $10 or more and pay using your Visa Checkout account. Be fast though, this offer is only around for 225,000 bonus loads between today and September 30th. At some point before September 30th, the free gift will appear in your account.

Here's the catch though - you will need to add a US address to your Canadian Card on Visa Checkout to redeem this offer. This is very easy to do. Just use your regular street name and number and sub in a different city, state and zip code.

Then transfer your gift card to your Canadian Starbucks account just like you would with the Starbucks Groupon Deals.

Photo Credit: rekre89 via Flickr


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  • jalr

    This didn't work no matter that I tried with a US address, Canadian & US Addresses-nothing worked. Wasted over 20 minutes trying, adding, editing on Visa Checkout. Also to get offer it only appeared on the Starbucks US site. Very disappointing :0(