Butterfly Collection Canada: 25 - 70% Off Lingerie

Butterfly Collection Canada: 25 - 70% Off Lingerie

Butterfly Collection Canada is having a fantastic 25% to 70% off sale on bras and lingerie for D to K cup women.

My second... or was it fourth... Labour Day splurge was on a bra and underwear set from this sale. I just could not resist picking up a Claudette Dessous Sucre-Leopard bra that is on sale from $59 down to $44.25 and the matching Dessous Sucre-Leopard Bikini that were $18 and are now only $10.80. I saved a grand total of $22 on the set and couldn't be more pleased. Now, usually I am not a big fan of animal prints but I decided to get a little risque. This was aided by the fact they only had my bra size in the leopard print in this bra. I already own the Dessous Neon Turquoise Bra (also on sale for $44.25) and it is the most supportive bra I have ever owned - just amazing! So I couldn't turn down an opportunity like this to get another set - especially a matching set! The also have a stunning neon green and a lemonade in the bra in different sizes.

What really sealed the deal for me was their free shipping on $39+ bras. My bra cost $44.25, so I got free shipping on my entire purchase, which really helps out. They are a Canadian company so no worries on extra charges either.

Everything that gets purchased during the holiday weekend will ship out on Tuesday.

(Expiry: 3rd September 2013)


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