Burger King Canada: 10 Chicken Nuggets for Just $1.99!

Burger King Canada: 10 Chicken Nuggets for Just $1.99!


Wow! This fabulous offer is back again, yay! Burger King has a great new deal available across Canada. Burger King is offering 10 delicious Chicken Nuggets for only $1.99. While the price is not as low as the last promotion where 10 chicken nuggets were $1.79, the price is still fantastic for that many chicken nuggets. This low price will be available for a limited time only.

No coupon is required for this Burger King Canada deal, just head on over to your local restaurant and enjoy the savings. I am not going to question what these nuggets are made of, if they can sell them for less than $0.20 each. But if your kids love Burger King chicken nuggets, then don't miss out. I mean, where else could you get 10 chicken nuggets for just $1.99? Nowhere. You'll even get two dipping sauces!

If you take a look at what other fast food restaurants sell their Chicken Nuggets for, you might start to put your coat and boots on now. Wendy's charges $1.89 for their Chicken Nuggets 5 Piece Everyday Value Menu. When my son asks for chicken nuggets when we are out and about, Wendy's is where we usually end up. The 10 Piece Chicken McNuggets @ McDonald's will cost you a whopping $4.49 which will seem like an insane price compared to Burger King now.

Burger King's regular price for their 4 piece Chicken Nuggets is $1.19 so you will pay just a little bit more for 6 more nuggets. If you have two young children, you could pay just $1.99 to feed 5 of the nuggets to each child. My two year old son only eats 2 or 3 normally anyway. There is also something I find special about the Burger King BBQ sauce. It has to be my favourite BBQ sauce from any fast food restaurant around. It doesn't taste watered down like McDonald's and it's not too spicy either. I usually ask for extra and bring it home for when I make chicken fingers myself.

Have any of you Moosers tried the chicken nuggets from Burger King? There are a few complaints about the quality on the Burger King Facebook page. Some consumers have said that the fat content in these nuggets is just too much. Others worry (like myself) about what these could actually be made of to be able to be sold for under $0.20 a piece. Maybe Burger King is just taking a loss to attract you to their restaurant?

Last time there were also a few comments made on the Burger King Facebook page that this offer was not valid in Quebec, while Burger King states this offer is Canada wide.

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    When I was looking for images of these to put on our Facebook page, I was just craving fried chicken!!