Bras Bras Bras Bras @ La Senza Canada

Bras Bras Bras Bras @ La Senza Canada

For a limited time (unbeknownst to me), La Senza are offering a 30% discount on selected bras!You’ll see the discount already applied when you get to the online store. If you spend over $89, you get free Canadian shipping. I’ve always found it really really easy to spend a lot of money at La Senza – it’s my fave underwear store.

Here are a few bras that caught my eye:

Checkered T-Shirt Bra – sale price $18.55 – looks like a nice, basic, comfy bra. It’s pictured at the top left of my post here. It’s adjustable too, and can be worn classic or crossed. What benefit does wearing it crossed have? Do you just wear it crossed to prevent bra showage when wearing certain tops? The girl in the picture looks like she’s seen an interesting chocolate bar across the room.

Front Closure Racerback Light Lift – sale price $19.95 – great colors on this La Senza bra! It’s the second one down in my picture. It’s one of those “racerback” bras. I don’t have any like this, because I don’t have any tops that require such architecture back there. This bra is also front opening – why? In fact, why aren’t all bras front opening? Wouldn’t life be so much easier? I’m sure the guys will agree with me on this one too.

Lola & Coco by La Senza Peace Plaid Bra – sale price $15.75 – I like this one too, it’s pretty cute. $15 isn’t a bad price. It’s the pink one, second from the bottom in my image to the left. It looks quite comfy too. I often have problems getting comfy bras, but after you wear them a few times they usually become accustomed to the curve of your body!

Lola & Coco by La Senza Love Lace Bra– sale price $18.55 – love the green color of this one! It’s pictured on the bottom left. I’ve no idea what the girl has round her head though. Maybe it’s a tape measure to measure her cranium to compare it to her bust size. Maybe.

There are loads more La Senza bras to choose from in this sale, I’ve just pointed out a few that look good. The styles and colors are widely varied, so choose whichever ones tickle your fancy!


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