Boxing Day the Mooser Way!

Boxing Day the Mooser Way!


Hi Moosers! Hope your holidays went well, that Christmas was fantastic and that you had a splendid New Years! I also hoped that we helped save you guys n' gals some money this year... that is my hope anyway. I am also very curious, so I'm hoping you don't mind if I ask you guys some questions! I would love feedback!

Did you all have a successful Boxing Day? What did you get, or if the list is too long, what stores did you shop at? :-D Did you shop primarily online, or in store.. or a good mixture of both?

Since I am grilling (nicely!) all of you... I will answer my own questions!

  1. I had a very successful Boxing Day, too successful.
  2. My list is fairly long so I will list the companies: Lush, The Brick, Roots, Pink Cherry, Banana Republic, Lululemon, Chapel Hats, London Drugs, Gelaskins, and Blockbuster.
  3. All except London Drugs, Chapel Hats, and Blockbuster were online purchases. So it represents my buying trends, 7/10 or 70% of my buying I do online.

Hope you can take some time to answer these few questions, I LOVE to hear what other people get! :-)


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  • Becci
    Happy New Year! 1. My Boxing WEEK shopping has been amazing, in part thanks to YOU! :) I got games, candy and tech for Xmas, so my Boxing week stuff is all clothes and books. 2. Stores bought from are: Beyond the Rack: 2 coats, 6 dresses, 2 sweaters at 85% off sale Buffalo: Aprox 75% off on 2 jeans, 1 tee Danier: 2 leather coats - white parka & brown hooded - 70% off Old Navy: Bunch of track pants, hoodies and hats for my man La Senza: Colourful pile of 50% off bras and 10 for $30 panties Guess: 5 tops - all 50% off lowest marked price! Chapters: 10 books and some chocolate mint cookies. 3. All online except for Guess and Danier. I love online shopping! It is so much fun! :D
    • Avigayil
      Ohhh... That is awesome! I missed my traditional Danier boxing day purchase, it was going to be my 4th year in a row!
    • Karo
      I am new to you and now i am addicted! I recentky bought the aqua suede jacket you lister from Danier and i LOVE it! Also awaiting a Lulu hoody thanks to you!
      • Avigayil
        Woohoo! Another Danier leather fan! I so wanted that jacket but I had to resist... So glad it was as wonderful as I hoped it would be.
      • scraphappen
        I had a great boxing day. This year I didn't really NEED anything so I shopped just because I did mostly in store but I only went to reitmans and wal-mart( for wrapping paper and such) But I passed on the word on all your tweets!!
        • Tori
          1. Had a very successful Boxing Day, thanks to Bargain Moose! :) 2. Shopped at Best Buy (2 Blu-Rays, American Psycho for $6.99 and Hellboy II for $9.99), Game Stop (EA Sports Active: More Sports for $4.97!!!), Roots (sweater 1/2 price, $14.99), Michael's (lots of stuff on sale with an extra 25% off), and two online deals, Toys 'R' Us (Epic Mickey for $29.97) and shoes from Naturalizer (originally $110, I paid $39.99!) 3. Toys'r'us and Naturalizer were both online deals, the rest of my shopping I braved the crowds :)
          • Avigayil
            Wow. The Best Buy deals sound awesome... I'm trying to remember, but what is epic mickey?
          • Faye
            Boxing week was alright this year, definitely not as much bought as previous years, but somehow probably MORE money spent! Stores bought from include Pottery Barn (lamp totally not on sale!), Roots for a gorgeous leather bag (luisa in a rust bordeaux colour) that I love, and Penningtons for a winter coat. I think I can blame you for the last two purchases, would have never thought to check Roots for a new purse without seeing it mentioned on here! My hubby got himself a blu ray player for a good price from Best Buy, and I got my son a train set from TRU. I tried the Lush sale online but it was just too frustrating to sit and wait for it to go through. Roots was online, the other's were not. So thanks for helping me find a bag that I adore for a price that is so much better than I would have ever expected to pay for that size from Roots!
            • Avigayil
              I was eyeing up that bag too but got a diff one. Pottery Barn, I don't think they have one in my city... Do they have good boxing day sales there?
            • Ivy
              Here is what I got at x'mas and boxing day 1. a small purse from guess at 30% off regular price, a coat from guess at 50% off sales price item 2. 5 dresses from Beyond the rack at up to 85% sale event 3. one sweater , one pants from Banana Republic at 50% off sale 4. One pair of jean, a sweater, two shirts, a hoodie from Holister at 40% sales.
              • Elisa
                I enjoyed my boxing day shopping as well! and I'm glad I went out there and found some good deals. 1-Stopped at Banana Republic and got some awsome deals, shirts,a black jacket marked down to 140 and on top of that a 40% off and my favorite deal was sun glasses marked down from 98$ to 18$ =) 2- Old Navy some tanks and hoodies at a good price. 3- The Brick needed some reclinable comfy couches. 4.New bought a GPS =) 5.Winners got a good deal with a brown leather jacket.!
                • K
                  My best Boxing Day purchase was a GE super capacity *gas* dryer from Bad Boy for $348. I thought the price was written backwards on the tag!
                  • Debra
                    I had tons of fun shopping. Did not get much stuff thought. Best buy got spy sweeper for my computer really cheap. Had a deal at the body shop 50% off whatever you could fit in a bag. Bath and body shop had some sweet deals. 50% off holiday gift packs and holiday shower gel/ lotion. Picked up 3 things for 6 bucks.
                    • Avigayil
                      Love the Body Shop deal! You can just get so many things for so little.
                    • Lynne
                      I had an awesome Christmas/boxing day season, thanks in a large part to Bargain Moose!! I shopped almost exclusively on line (only a few things that I bought in store that I won't bother mentioning)and the retailers I bought from were: Roots(3 times!!) Chapters/Body Candy/New Egg/Sears/Bootleggers/Abercrombie & Fitch, Yves Rocher,...phew; I think that's it!!
                      • Avigayil
                        Wow, Roots 3x ... I'm jealous! I got a Sherpa bag from there, I can't wait to get it, what did you get?
                        • Lynne
                          Sherpa bag,! I got some Sour cherries, a 'Patriot' t-shirt and a regular t-shirt, a watch and a hoodie,..I ordered them in 3 lots (to get the cute free reversible bags, wrapping paper and 3 regular bags!!) I also got the Roots leather bag from Chapters/Indigo (I love Roots)