Boutique Mac: Free Shipping

Boutique Mac: Free Shipping


I have been aware of Boutique Mac for a while, they are a Canadian company out of Nanimo, BC that can furnish you with an Apple computer plus any accessories you might need. I recently had a small transaction with them, and that is when I discovered some cool news: They offer free shipping across Canada (and the US), no minimum.

I really have to tell my story. I have an iPad and a wireless Apple Keyboard. I want to carry the two together, without having the keyboard just floating in my backpack. There is one, yes one, case designed for this purpose... a lovely iSound iPad Keyboard Portfolio case for $80 retail. I searched high and low, could not find it anywhere in Canada, or anywhere that would ship to Canada. I knew of Boutique Mac so I emailed them asking if they carried the case. A wonderful person emailed back and said no they didn't, but they could get it from one of their suppliers. They also said when I requested red if possible, that they could only get it in black. I didn't mind, said to go ahead and all was well. A week later I got an email saying they had managed to find it in red for me. One of those 'above and beyond the call of service' moments. :-D

So I got my 'unable to be found in Canada' case, in the red I wanted, for a good price with free shipping.

This place is great! If they don't have what you need, just ask them. :-)


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