Bootlegger: Jeans BOGO 50% Off

Bootlegger: Jeans BOGO 50% Off


Bootlegger, that famous Canadian jeans store has their buy one get one 50% off jeans sale back on. This includes almost every pair of jeans both online and in store. If you have worn holes through your current pair and need a replacement, check it out. You can get 4 legs for the price of 3!

Since these jeans can run around $100 for some styles, so BOGO 50% off is a good deal. Like these Miss Me Double Shank with Stones jeans, only $148! Keep in mind, if you get s Bootlegger Card you can save even more money, do the math and see if you save more than you spend on the card. If you do, you know it is worth it. Like if you were to get 2x of those jeans I liked to, you would certainly want a Bootlegger card!


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