Bootlegger Canada Discount Tip

Bootlegger Canada Discount Tip


Here's a tip if you're doing some online shopping from Bootlegger Canada.

When you are going through checkout, Bootlegger Canada give you the option of adding a Bootlegger card to your cart. This loyalty card means you get a 10% discount on all your Bootlegger purchase for the following year, including that very purchase. The Bootlegger card costs $10.

So here's my tip - if you happen to be spending $100 or more anyway, simply add the Bootlegger card to your shopping cart, and the 10% discount will more than cover the initial cost of the card!

I will show you exactly what I mean in this screenshot:


I have added a pair of jeans to my cart, which cost $102. The Bootlegger card costs $10, but my discount amount is $10.20... plus I will be getting 10% discount off any purchase in the next year - win!

P.S. You can currently get $5 shipping with the Bootlegger coupon code BP5SUMMERSHIP


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