Booties From $21.99 & More @ Stonz

Booties From $21.99 & More @ Stonz

Hoarders unite! This is the time to stock up for next winter and the Stonz end-of-season sale is the place to be.

Stonz booties revolutionized winter wear for my little ones. No more bending over in the entryway forcing cumbersome boots on reluctant pudgy feet. Grab yours on markdown from $21.99. And don't forget the linerz for those cold weather days. They are half price at $9.99.

I love love love Stonz mittz because they don't fall off. They start at $13.99 on sale but they save you 342 pairs of lost mittens. Trust me. I know. And if you haven't tried the lightweight but warm and waterproof Stonz winter bootz for older kiddos, get over there now and snatch some from $30.99. You can thank me next winter.

I like to buy a few sizes when I am unsure what size my wee ones will wear next season. I just pop the extras on my local buy and sell group.

Shipping is free when you spend $70. Otherwise you are looking at $9.

I just wish they made those bootz in my size.


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