BookCloseOuts Canada Scratch & Dent Sale (85% Off)

BookCloseOuts Canada Scratch & Dent Sale (85% Off)


This month on BookCloseOuts Canada, they're having a scratch and dent sale!  They've redeuced their inventory by up to 85%!

They say that the books may have small indentations but they are excellent for personal use. I'd buy some for myself, but probably wouldn't give them as gifts though. Here are a few titles I spotted in the collection:

  • The Accidental Tourist by Anne Taylor for only $2.24 - Macon Leary is a travel writer who hates both travel and anything out of the ordinary.
  • The Boyfriend School by Sarah Bird for only $2.09 - Gretchen Griner is an underpaid, underappreciated photographer for the Austin Grackle, part-time lover of Peter Overton Treadwell III and major consumer of Cup O' Soup.
  • Brokeback Mountain by Annie Proulx for only $2.24 - Annie Proulx has written some of the most original and brilliant short stories in contemporary literature, and for many readers and reviewers, "Brokeback Mountain" is her masterpiece.
  • Forge of Empires by Michael Knox Beran for only $4.50 - In the space of a single decade, three leaders liberated tens of millions of souls, remade their own vast countries, and altered forever the forms of national power.
  • The Margarets by Sheri Tepper for only $4.04 - The only human child living in a human work colony on the Martian satellite Phobos, little Margaret Bain has devised a system for keeping the suffocating demons of boredom and loneliness at bay.


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