Bookcloseouts Canada: Autographed Books

Bookcloseouts Canada: Autographed Books

I was recently considering a bee-order of one of my favourite graphic novels because the authors autograph the first 1000 books. Then I saw the shipping price and decided I will buy the book only when they have a shipping promo. and then drag it to my next comic convention they happen to be at. This got me thinking: for the love of autographed books people often will spend full price and even pre-pay without coupons or considerations to shipping costs. At Bookcloseouts Canada, however, they have over 1000 autographed titles just waiting for you to find your favourite author.  All 50% off or greater with free shipping at $35.

Here are an example of some titles I found. I chose children's fiction as my genre because as a child I would have died of happiness to have an autographed book from a favourite author of mine.

Some good choices - and just far too many appealing books to list.


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