Book Outlet Canada: Extra 50% off 50 Humour Titles

Book Outlet Canada: Extra 50% off 50 Humour Titles


Book Outlet Canada is offering an extra 50% off the already discounted fifty humour titles this week.

There are some really fun titles in this collection. The book Birds of a Feather Shop Togetheris now 91% off it's original retail value. It was $19.99 and is now only $1.99! I love the idea of Aesop-style fables styled around shopping.

The other title that mainly appeals to me is i am neurotic: (and so are you) which originally was $12.99 and is now $1.49. The title really says it all: aren't we all just a little neurotic?

I am totally dissapointed that The Darwin Awards Next Evolution: Chlorinating the Gene Poolis already sold out. That would have made a great gift for some of the more 'genius' people I know.

Shipping is $3.99, plus $0.75 per item.

As always, check the forum for more Book Outlet coupon codes before you shop.

(Expiry: 27th November 2013?)


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