BOGO 50% off Christmas Gifts @ LUSH Canada

BOGO 50% off Christmas Gifts @ LUSH Canada

Let me tell you, I wait all year for this sale, and it's finally back! While LUSH Canada doesn't run a Boxing Day sale per se, their famous buy one, get one event is back – and it's better than ever.

Really, there's just one catch. This is by far their most popular sale of the year (and really one of the only sales they run). That means products are selling FAST, and there are actually only a few things left in stock online – and chances are LUSH will run out of those goodies before this week is over.

Most of the items included in the buy one, get one event are from the LUSH Christmas collection we told you about earlier this year. One of my absolute favourite LUSH products is actually still available. You can buy their Christingle Body Conditioner in a gift size (45 g) for just $4.95!

And, honestly, there are just a couple more things left in stock, but you can order yourself their orange- and cinnamon-scented Cinders Shower Gel for $9.95 per 100 ml. Trust me, this is exactly what you need if you want to keep the scent of mulled wine around for a few more weeks.

When you shop online at LUSH Canada, the total shipping and handling cost for your order is based on its total weight. Typically, if you order items that can fit in a smaller package (about 3 kg or less) ground shipping will take anywhere from two to eight business days to arrive and cost you $6.


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