Blockbuster Canada Unlimited Game Rentals For $19.99 Per Month

Blockbuster Canada Unlimited Game Rentals For $19.99 Per Month


Yesterday on the twitter account of Blockbuster Canada, they tweeted a decent offer about their video game rentals.

Normally, it costs $29.99 per month for unlimited game rentals, one game at a time. But they have just reduced it to $19.99 per month! I don't know if this is a permanent offer... or will just be happening this month. They really don't have much space to explain in a 140 characters tweet!

I think this is a pretty good idea, especially if you live near a Blockbuster location.

For example, my sister recently bought her son a new playstation 3 game. He had completed the single player content within 24 hours! This BLockbuster game pass would be ideal for them...

You know, it's absolutely great to see Canadian companies communicating great deals like this directly to their customers, via the medium of Twitter. I set up a list of popular Canadian stores on Twitter, if you'd like to follow it. Sometimes you see good deals in there.


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  • Dawna
    The site shows as $29.99 a month.. is there a special link to get that $19.99 price?
    • Anna
      It would likely be in-store only Dawna. That's all the info I have though, as you can see the tweet was not very informative.