BitCasa: 10GB FREE or Infinite Storage for the Lowest Price Around!

BitCasa: 10GB FREE or Infinite Storage for the Lowest Price Around!


Everyone is all about the cloud, so why not get a piece of the action for free, or all the action for super cheap!

I did a roundup of Cloud Storage services a bit ago and today I'm adding a spiritual 6th entry to that list and it's a good one. I'd say, other than Carbonie (which is more of a full service backup system), this is the best value. It isn't as full featured as some other competitors yet but I suspect that will come very quickly.

You get 10GB for free or you can get infinite storage for $10/month or $99/year. That's right. Infinite. No limit. You could even say the amount of storage is "not finite."

But how do they do this when huge companies like Google can't do it? Or won't do it. Well, they do a bit of sneaky indexing of files. They only keep one instance of each file. So if you put the BargainMoose logo on BitCasa and then I put the BargainMoose logo on BitCasa, they delete mine and link me to yours. So basically there is one instance of any given file and anyone who uploads that gets access to the one copy. I should mention that BitCasa does back up your stuff in geographically disparate locations so when I say one copy, I mean once instance, not one copy on one drive in one location.

And on top of this awesome deal, BitCasa regularly has coupon codes so make sure you keep checking back here for the next awesome deal on cloud storage.

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