Big Al's Canada: $25 Off $100 or $60 Off $200 Print Coupon

Big Al's Canada: $25 Off $100 or $60 Off $200 Print Coupon


Pets can be quite costly, but how could we live without waking up to Rufus snoring every morning? Right now Big Al's Canada has a print coupon to take $25 off purchases over $100, or $60 off purchases over $200. This is the highest discount I have seen Big Al's offer, so use it up.

As an owner of two large dogs (one pictured above), I am constantly on the hunt for discounts or ways to save money on dog food. It isn't exactly something you can cheap out on brand wise, so feeding these hundred pound beasts almost costs me an arm and a leg. Big Al's Canada has a temporary solution though, and I took advantage of it last night. Right now you can print these Big Al's Canada coupons and save on any purchase over $100. Here are the discounts available:

  • $25 off any purchase over $100
  • $60 off any purchase over $200

This is the first time I have seen Big Al's offer coupons for a discount over 20% off. I would enjoy the 25% discount while you can. I buy the Blue Buffalo Wilderness food for my dogs and each bag costs me over $55 before taxes, so if I buy two bags I will save $25. I have yet to see my preferred dog food brand go for more than $5 off each bag. So yes, I reaped the benefits of these coupons as soon as I could. And I will use them again before I go on vacation in a few days so that my house sitter is well stocked up on dog food.

At first glance I thought maybe this coupon only applied to aquarium products, but I called the East Hamilton location and confirmed that it could be applied to any pet products. The two bags of dog food stashed in my basement are living proof too. You can't use this printable coupon towards products that are on sale though, so I would use the discount towards something you need that rarely goes on sale. There is even a third coupon to buy two aquatic pets and get the third for free.

This is a pretty decent discount. Though, if you don't have a Big Al's Canada store close enough to enjoy these benefits, then you may want to try out some of the coupon codes to receive a discount when shopping at their online store. We have the exclusive coupon code BARGAINMOOSE10 to take 10% off when you spend $50, or use the code BIGALSPETS20 to take 20% off pet supplies.

You can view all the Big Al's Canada coupon codes and discounts in our Bargainmoose forum.

(Expiry: 16th August 2015)


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