Get the Best Price on PS4 500 GB consoles

Get the Best Price on PS4 500 GB consoles

Looking for the best price on a PS4 500GB original console in Canada? Better hurry up and get one because pretty soon you won't be able to find one anywhere. To save a little time, here's a list of who's got them in stock and how much they're selling for.

Though you might suspect that a lot of retailers would be clearing their shelves to make room for the new units that are now in demand, the truth is that the original models are still being sought out by folks who prefer the original to the PS4 Pros and the PS4 Slims of the world.

Best Deals on PS4 Original 500 GB in February 2017:

*Takeaway: The best price on a PS4 Original 500 GB model for February 2017 is $379.00 at Dellor if you're into going with a refurbished model, check them out on eBay.

Keep in mind that you can get a bundled PS4 Original 500 GB for the same price at Best Buy for $349.99, they also sell the Limited Edition Thief's End Bundle for $399.97.

They're also selling the Thief's End PS4 Bundle for $349.99 at London Drugs, too! There are a few independent retailers selling of their PS4s 500 GB but they're all marked up so I wouldn't bother!

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